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Ecomasters: A Planet in Peril!

Ecomasters: A Planet in Peril


Unprecedented heatwaves, droughts, floods, fires, and tropical storms are battering our planet. In book 1, we meet Coral, who has just discovered that she has inherited the role of 'Pathfinder of fhe Ecomasters.' Her first task is to find four girls and their  unique, planet saving skills from all across the globe!  Will they reach the ancient hidden island of Illuminada deep in the heart of the Amazon before it's too late?

Unique and essential


Every kid on Earth can be an Ecomaster, and bring their unique planet-saving skills to the puzzle!  In book 1, one girl has power over fire, another can grow gigantic gardens, and a third is a master of communication. It's Coral's job as Pathfinder of the Ecomasters to bring the team together. 

Our planet in peril calls us to action


A mystical compass draws Coral and her dog to the lake in Central Park, where magical waters transport them to Malawi, Laos and India: four Ecomasters from four continents joining forces to find their way to Ecomasters HQ deep in the middle of  the Amazon jungle!